Brian Wood: Channel Zero #1 - Fifteen Years Ago Today →



Fifteen years ago TODAY, Image Comics released Channel Zero #1. I was working at a dot com job and bought a copy for myself at the now-defunct Cosmic Comics on 23rd St. Warren Ellis emailed me to say he liked it (kicking off a long friendship and the long start of him helping me throughout my…

And fifteen years ago today, a comic book fell into my hands that would change my life forever. A book that would allow me to realize what comics could actually be. A book that ultimately gave me the motivation and confidence to look at illustration and comics as a serious career and life path. A book that allowed me to become the person I am today. 

I was fourteen years old fifteen years ago when I sent Brian a fan letter asking his advice on choosing art and comics as a career. With more compassion, patience, and honesty then I could ever muster Brian’s response was a pivotal moment in my life. And in ways that even I will never be able to understand, he saved my life. 

No words could ever truly describe how thankful I am to both this book and Brian Wood. Throughout the years he has been both a mentor and friend to me, and nothing I could ever do could properly show my true appreciation for this man and the incredible stories that he creates.

So here is to fifteen years of drawing my fingers down to the bone. Fifteen years of breaking my own heart for the shear sake of putting it down on paper. Fifteen years of never looking back and never regretting. Fifteen years of falling in love with comics over and over again.

Thank you Brian.