I had a little bit of downtime last night, and what started out as a pretty ridiculous sketch turned into this finished piece. I have had prints on the brain recently, and with the soon to be unveiled new Thumbtack Prints (with BIGGER prints!) I have been trying to make pieces specifically to be sold as prints.

As much as I love this simplified screenprinty coloring style, I have been having some trouble being happy with the end result. I think I have been complicating the pieces by just having TOO many colors. The pieces I have been happiest with have had the fewest colors, and that is something that I really need to keep in mind. With this piece I also tried to keep the offsetting of the colors a little more subtle. Sometimes when I get too comfortable with an effect like that it starts to turn into a crutch…and the last thing I want is for one of my techniques to become gimmicky. 

I mentioned in the last post about trying to find a sweet spot with doing the inks a little more loosely. There is DEFINITELY a fine line between not loose enough, and too loose. For this piece I tried to combine both tidy line work, and looser wilder inks. It’s always a great feeling when the inks look just as good without the colors.

I should also point out that this piece was heavily inspired by the always amazing Ryan Kelly. His work on New York 5 with Brian Wood was absolutely mind-blowingly beautiful. He has a way of drawing women that I am completely humbled by. I have been staring at his cover for the first issue of NY5 for weeks now.